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Build an audience you can text

Essential tools for modern brands to build audiences, send messages they will read in the first 3 minutes and engage in text conversations.
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It all start with a keyword

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Add subscribers to your texting list, wherever they are, by having them send a keyword to your textable phone number.

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text the keyword TRY to 1-800-987-4628

How it works

Clients opt-in by texting a keyword, scanning a QR code or during a purchase

Segment your audience while collecting user information such as name, email address and much more.


Send valuable text messages to the right people

Find the right people on your segmented list and easily compose a text message.

Send your message instantly to one or millions of people in one click - they will read it in the first 3 minutes.

Engage your audience

Engage your audience with text conversations that helps you build more meaningful relationships.

We're all about delivering happiness.


Integrate or connect to 4000+ apps

Add Textodog to your existing infrastructure and deliver happiness to your clients.

Don't find the integration you need? Connect your system to our text messaging platform using webhooks or our API.

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Build meaningful relationships with your audience

Texting is a channel reserved for family and friends, and now... your brand.

90% of your clients prefer texting over any other communication channel.

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Our customers love texting

"We used to spend hours calling our travellers when we had last minute schedule changes.

With Textodog, I can reach thousands of travellers in a matter of seconds and 90% of them read our messages within 3 minutes."

Claudia Sofio
Tourika, CEO

A platform built to make you more profitable

Text Marketing

Send the right offer to the right people at the right time

Text Automation

Automated workflow for opt-ins to collect names, emails, etc.

Cross Platform

Available through Web App, iOS and Android mobile apps

Text Conversations

1:1 or 1:many text conversations during the customer journey

Users & Departments

Assign conversations to departments or agents

Group Conversations

Add more than one person in the same text conversation thread

Zapier Integration

Connect Textodog to over 3000+ apps to create the workflows of your dreams

Powerful Search

Powerful search engine to find the right guests at the right time

Saved Replies

Easily respond to commonly asked questions with saved replies.

Mass Texting

Send the same text messages to a targeted group in one click

Call forwarding

Forward your textable phone number to any number

Rich Content

Send emojis, giphys and images for better customer experience

Internal Notes

Add notes and links to only visible by agents

Tags & Custom Fields

Tags and custom fields used to find the right contacts


Import or export data using our Webhooks

Collect information from your opt-ins using text automation

Organize your text list as they opt-in by asking questions via text messaging and capturing their response to save their name, email address, and populate your business specific fields.

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90% of consumers enrolled in texting loyalty clubs feel like they benefit from the program.

Texting is officially cool and your community loves receiving text messages!

Subscribers feel privileged belonging to texting VIP clubs.

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75% of your customers want to receive valuable texts

People love texting!

Make it easy for your audience to receive offers using their favourite channel: text messaging.

Text messages are opened 99% of the time and read within 3 minutes after receiving them. 83% of Millennials open them within 90 seconds!

We make it easy for you to engage with your audience.

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